The Norfork River is the White River’s little sister river, which is only 4.5 miles long. It flows into the White River and maintains the water temperature for the lower 20 miles of the White River. The Norfork River is a fishy little river and is a great back up when the White River is high or doesn’t fit the style of fishing we are looking for. For instance both the White River and the Norfork River offer wadeable waters at times, but not always at the same time. If you are looking to wade part of the day and the Norfork is low and the White river is high, then we will tow one of the boats to the Norfork and do a float wade day.  What ever it takes to make it your trip,  White River Troutfitters will do whatever it takes to find wadeable water, if possible. Having a jet boat and a drift boat offers a better opportunity to find such water.